From street shows to performing at Kensington Palace, this German artist carved out her own unique place in the circus world as a foot juggler channeling vintage Hollywood star Marlene Dietrich… and now her job is teaching other artists one-on-one the way to flourish. Joining our list and showcase of awesome circus consultants is Ulrike Storch, retired performer and creator of the Selling Circus program.

Carolyn Klein: Tell us about yourself and your circus background. Ulrike Storch (US): I am a first-generation circus artist, starting at Staatliche Zirkus Schule Berlin when I was 15. Despite coming from a creative family, I began my training as a trapeze artist but never performed with it due to an injury. After a hiatus, I returned to the circus industry in Berlin, initially performing on the streets. It took time to gain acceptance into a professional circus school again. I trained independently and sought opportunities wherever available. A pivotal three-month stint in Kiev honed my handstands and flexibility, bolstering my chances for professional circus education. Eventually, I secured a spot at Codarts in Rotterdam. There, I received intensive training in food juggling from Gregor Kiock and was mentored by Juan Liu, an ex-Cirque du Soleil artist.

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