The Australian Circus Summit is a global event that invites delegates to converge into NICA’s purpose-built circus venue for a two-day melting pot of conversations that will challenge and inspire current industry views revolving around the theme of The Moving State of Circus.

Embark on an unprecedented journey as the heart of the circus world hosts a ground breaking event at NICA, leading the industry discourse. This event challenges the notion of Circus as a ‘lesser relative’ in performing arts, aiming to unite the sector by bridging gaps between artists, presenters, producers, funders, and supporters. Through innovative collaborations and connections, we’ll explore novel ways to integrate circus performances into venues and expand artistic horizons. Join us in crafting compelling partnerships, cultivating relationships, and shaping the future of circus engagement for artists and audiences alike.

This will be an intimate event with a capacity of 200, bringing independent circus artists, producers, festival programmers, venue presenters, and the NICA community together in one room to dissolve industry barriers and facilitate networking.

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